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From: Roger Nelson
To: Paul Quinn
Date: 2019-04-10 07:01:04

On Wed Apr-10-2019 10:57, Paul Quinn (3:640/1384) wrote to Roger Nelson:

 PQ> On 01 Apr 19 08:03, you wrote to me:

 PQ>> I start my day at "the mess"...  If you are really
hard up, then I
 PQ>> suggest: [] and look for the 'Science and
 PQ>> Technology' forum.

 RN> I'll have a look,

 PQ> Forget it.

I looked anyway on your suggestion.  Not NASA, but NASA isn't NASA anymore.  I
think they've turned things over to Elon Musk and other entities, but would
they come right out and say it?  Nope!  I hate liars.  They are the 2nd-worse
form of being on the planet.

 PQ> After nearly a week of downtime due to website ownership issues, 
 PQ> the admin have decided to shutdown further oprtations.  It's a 
 PQ> damned shame, after well over 14 years operating that site and a 
 PQ> previous webforum.  Apparently they weren't making enough money 
 PQ> with the advertising... 

I don't believe that exists in the business world; I think their motto is "we
can't make enough money".  (-:

 PQ> mmm... what advertising?  Oops, I'm running AdBlockPro.  B^}

I wish I had that, but there is probably a yearly fee attached to it.  I got in
 just in time with Malwarebytes and get free upgrades and definitions.  That
now costs US$60.00 per year.  It does a great job of protecting my computer.

 PQ> There will be some form of FB thing happening.  What's FB?

FB is something I don't want.  If you install Windows 10 on a drive and setup
say... Microsoft Outlook as your mail client, it forces you to join FB.  I
dual-booted back to Windows 7 before I uttered something under my breath. (-8


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