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From: Paul Quinn
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2019-04-16 08:24:56

Hi! Roger,

On 15 Apr 19 13:03, you wrote to me:

 RN> you better have Quantas tickets ready in case I meed help.  (-:

Take a number & wait.  I'm on a pension now, and actually have
priorities.  :)  I can still drop those videos off to you.  I just don't
see the sense in a session pw for a quickie.

 RN> My machine has a 3Gig processor with 16Gigs of RAM (only 3 used
 RN> because I'm in 32-bit mode) and has 3 HDs installed and 2 DVD/CD
 RN> burners.

Oh dear.  Such a waste for homage to M$.  All 16 would be available to
32-bit Linux.  I'm only doing 64-bit now since VirtualBox insists on it.

OH, BTW.  I learned my lesson after wasting a CD back in 2010 and don't
waste CDs or DVDs on D/L'd ISOs as vBox can use them directly, when booting
up a doover-lackey VM.  So, I can check them out and dump them if I'm not
happy.  Ta-da!


... Daddy?  What's this little red button for?
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