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From: Paul Quinn
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2018-08-04 19:33:42
Subject: Seeing and hearing is believing

Hi! Roger,

On 04 Aug 18 01:24, you wrote to me:

 PQ>> Did I pass?

 RN> Yes.  Normally I don't post that stuff in BAMA, but since it was a US
 RN> congressman asking an admiral one of the dumbest questions I ever
 RN> heard, I thought it a little noteworthy.  You have to watch it longer
 RN> than the time you allotted and you'll see what I mean.

I retraced my steps this evening...

Ah, yes.  That congressman seems a 'special' expert on such matters, and
particularly brave in his desire to explore extensive ramifications.  It is
a serious problem.  You can't have a population just moving about on such a
small area, especially not in mass movements.  It's quite amazing that some
similar disaster didn't develope there in the latter stages of WWII.

The admiral did an excellent job.  Perhaps he has extensive experience
dealing with civilians in a certain five-sided building?

The congressman may be on to something as I note with interest that the
'little rocket man' recently wanted to tip the scales with a nuke or two,
too.  Perhaps they share some insider knowledge (i.e. we aren't aware of)?


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