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From: Roger Nelson
To: Paul Quinn
Date: 2019-04-16 03:56:22

On Tue Apr-16-2019 12:36, Paul Quinn (3:640/1384) wrote to Roger Nelson:

 PQ> On 15 Apr 19 19:31, you wrote to me:

 PQ> Ubuntu do an issue every six months.  The even year dot 04
 PQ> (April)(e.g. 18.04) is an LTS... Long Term Support version.  (I
 PQ> tend to leave a new April's release to fester for a couple of
 PQ> months, till a point update, i.e. 18.04.2, to catch any inclusive
 PQ> fixes.  It ain't important though.)  The dot 10s are only good for
 PQ> six month's support.  The LTS versions are supported (for security
 PQ> and fixpaks) for three years minimum; some are for five years.

Both the 18.04 and 18.10 versions I got were LTS -- it read at the site and I
forgot to mention that.

 PQ> VirtualBox 5 is on a leash, and due to be discarded.  It's best to
 PQ> get 6.xx even if it insists on 64-bit-ness.

I saw that notification when getting it.  While I wouldn't mind switching to
64-bit mode, that would probably break a lot of the programs I use, not to
mention I'd have to get matching drivers for my printer.  Maybe I could fake
the whole thing.  After all, that's what Vbox is for.  I almost forgot to
mention that I burned 18.10 LTS last afternoon.

 PQ> FYI.  I came across an old util for timEd.  Its FILE_ID.DIZ
 PQ> reads... 

 PQ>  --- 8< ---
 PQ> Crom is a collection of utilities that
 PQ> was made for use with the timEd Fido-
 PQ> net message reader/editor.
 PQ> ---------------------------------------
 PQ> Included are:
 PQ> CromTag (tagline inserter)
 PQ> CromLine (custom origin lines)
 PQ> CSteal (tagline thief)
 PQ> Mood (inserts 'mood' kludge)
 PQ> ---------------------------------------
 PQ> version 1.01 (freeware)
 --- >8 ---

Good info and thanks.  Many times I use the D'Bridge internal editor. 

 PQ> Interested?  You can FREQ it from here as, or I could
 PQ> drop it off for you.

Sure I an, but we're still stuck in the session pw thingy.  How about I mail
you one?

...You can lead a horse to water, but you can't get it to float on its back.


--- timEd/386 1.10.y2k+
 * Origin: NCS BBS - Houma, LoUiSiAna - (1:3828/7)
SEEN-BY: 57/0 153/250 267/800 317/2 393/68 633/267 640/1384 712/620 848 770/0
SEEN-BY: 770/1 10 100 340 772/0 1 210 500
@PATH: 3828/7 229/426 393/68 770/1 712/848 633/267

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