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From: Roger Nelson
To: Joe Delahaye
Date: 2017-02-07 16:47:38
Subject: Feel so bad, feel like a ballgame on a rainy day

On Tue Feb-07-2017 15:36, Joe Delahaye (1:249/303) wrote to Roger Nelson:

 JD>   Re: Feel so bad, feel like a ballgame on a rainy day
 JD>   By: Roger Nelson to Joe Delahaye on Mon Feb 06 2017 21:35:45 

 RN>> NASA is back in business, having taken a few lessons fron some of
 RN>> our Fidonet friends. I say this because I received four (4) dupes
 RN>> from them on the same subject. 3 of them dated at 2:03 pm and 1 at
 RN>> 2:04 pm today. The upside if this is they haven't forgotten I'm 
 RN>> persistent and insistent they send me new articles. I suppose in 
 RN>> all honesty I should say that I received 1 original and 3 dupes. 
 RN>> (-:

 JD>> I'm jealous.  I only got one message <G>

 RN> You didn't speak to four different tech guys, I'll bet. Some of the
 RN> code(?) in the mailing list server was skewered and I was dropped.
 RN> The last guy I spoke to told me he would email me personally when the
 RN> system was workin again. Still waiting...

 JD> I'm still waiting for an email that was promised 3 times from BB
 JD> tech support <G>.    I didnt talk to anyone about Nasa <G>  I
 JD> simply got an email proclaiming they were back.  Did you miss us,
 JD> we certainly missed you, it said <G>

You mean this?

Hello Science Enthusiasts! Did you miss us? We certainly missed you! We
apologize for our absence over the past several months, and the NASA
Science team is excited to welcome you back to the Science{at}NASA Newsletter.
Thank you for your continued support, we're extremely excited to share
stories of scientific exploration, discovery, and wonder on Earth, around
our solar system, and beyond!

They didn't miss us and you already know how I feel about liars.  7 months
to get a list server working?  I would have believed them if they had no
articles to offer.  I think it was a plot by the MNR.  (-:


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