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From: mark lewis
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2016-11-16 20:36:28
Subject: NASA

16 Nov 16 09:26, you wrote to me:

 PQ>>> Somewhere in BC, currently marked 'down'.  I don't know specifics
 PQ>>> and am hoping for the best.

 RN>> Alan is a good guy and I can't get any info about him as to why he is
 RN>> down. Apparently he is unreachable through conventional means.  Maybe
 RN>> is having technical problems.

 ml>> he is not even answering his cell phone and the last word was that it
 ml>> was going straight to voice mail... those with said number have not
 ml>> reported if the number is still doing that or not... it has been
 ml>> roughly a month since they tried... the conversation about that was
 ml>> in Z1C...

 RN> That must mean his phone is off if it's going direct to voicemail.

that's the main assumption... as i understand it, no one has an address for
him where the gendarmes can even be sent around to check that nothing
untoward has occured...

personally speaking, i have no idea as to his age or health status... there
are a number of folks concerned about him, though... on the other hand,
this is apparently not the first time he has simply disappeared only to
return some time later... what to make of this? i have no idea...


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