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From: Paul Quinn
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2018-04-06 20:08:42
Subject: NASA ScienceCasts: The Sweet Smell of Life Support

Hi! Roger,

On 05 Apr 18 23:52, you wrote to All:


Thanks for that, Roger.  I had/have been ignoring that vid for weeks in
EwwToob's recommended (viewing) queue.  There was just something about the
subject that didn't appeal to me.  I've been intrigued and satisfied by
research I've done on it in the past but just didn't feel like going over
the matter in a NASA vid.

If it wasn't for your recommendation I wouldn't have bothered.  And I'm
kinda glad that you did say something, as the vid was more 'positive' than
I expected.  Thank you.


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