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From: Roger Nelson
To: All
Date: 2017-01-30 14:26:24
Subject: Weather

Hello All!

Space Weather News for Jan. 30, 2017

A BIG HOLE IN THE SUN'S ATMOSPHERE: A large, canyon-shaped hole has opened
in the sun's atmosphere, and it is spewing a stream of solar wind toward
Earth.  Polar geomagnetic storms are likely when the fast-moving stream
arrives, probably on Feb 1st. Visit today's edition of for
more information.

SUNSET SKY SHOW: For the next two nights, watch the southwestern sky at
sunset. Mars, Venus and the crescent Moon are converging for a beautiful
gathering in the evening twilight.  Visit for sky maps and

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Above: This large "coronal hole" is spewing a stream of solar
wind toward Earth. Image credit: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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