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From: Roger Nelson
Date: 2017-04-23 06:43:20
Subject: Close Approach Comets

On Sat Apr-22-2017 22:35, JIMMY ANDERSON (1:116/18) wrote to ROGER NELSON:

-=> Roger Nelson wrote to All <=-

 RN> Close Approach Comets

 JA> <snip>

 JA> VERY cool! Be sure to remind us of the one that might
 JA> be visible to the naked eye!

Thanks.  I post them as soon as I get them, so stay tuned.

 JA> I heard on a podcast this morning about the solar 
 JA> eclipse this year and being visible "Oregon to
 JA> South Carolina" - so I looked it up and the path
 JA> of totality will pass over Nashville! That's only
 JA> a few hours from me!

I track those, too.

 JA> It will also pass over Paducah, KY. It's the Monday
 JA> after Gencon, so I will be coming home from Indianapolis
 JA> Sunday night or Monday anyway - just got to time it
 JA> right so I'm in Paducah during zero hour!

 JA> woo-hoo ! Exciting! I never thought I'd get a chance
 JA> to see a total solar eclipse! There was a partial
 JA> for us when I was in 6th grade and then the day our
 JA> oldest son was born in 1991 there was a partial, but
 JA> of course I didn't even try to see it. :-)

They don't last long and one thing you should be mindful of -- NEVER look
at them no matter how safe you think it is.


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