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From: Paul Quinn
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2019-04-13 18:17:26

Hi! Roger,

On 04/12/2019 10:15 AM, you wrote:

 PQ>> That was my intended product ID.  Do you remember that hacker kid
 PQ>> from Die Hard 4.0?  He said once, words to the effect that there's
 PQ>> 'a lot of facts & figures buzzing around in me brainbox'.  That's a
 PQ>> bit like my memory.  There's a lot "in there" but sometimes the
 PQ>> bits are somewhat in disarray.

 RN> I saw the film triligy and don't remember that.

I very heavily paraphrased the dialogue.  It would be a frustrating
exercise to match even a single word from my effort that may even have been
uttered in the flick.

The movie was known as 'Live Free or Die Hard' (released as Die Hard 4.0
outside North America), from 2007.  It was fourth in the franchise, and the
*/rest of the world film/* title matches the digital technology aspect of
the film's storyline.

It's on my playlist, for maybe tomorrow.  I knocked 'Die Hard 3' off the
list during the week, and want more.  Particularly more Lucy McLane.  :)


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