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From: Paul Quinn
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2019-04-01 09:26:32
Subject: NASA News

Hi! Roger,

On 03/31/2019 07:39 AM, you wrote:

 RN> I am giving serious consideration to switching to Space-X.  What do you all
 RN> think?

I have one other on-line place where I get my sci-facts 'hit'.  It's the
first site I go to daily, and is the only webforum I browse these days. 
I've been going to this site for well over a decade and still enjoy the
raucous & rambunctious forum postings, along with the well-constructed
and gifted insights from some members.

I start my day at "the mess"...  If you are really hard up, then
I suggest: [] and look for the 'Science and
Technology' forum.

Their initial page can be divided into thirds: the top third is a list of
forums; the middle is a quick sticky-beak of the last few posts; whilst,
the bottom is dedicated to their rules.


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