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From: Frank Adam
To: Danny Keogh
Date: 1997-03-05 09:11:02
Subject: sound routines

 G'Day Danny,
-=> Quoting Danny Keogh to All <=-
 DK> * Crossposted from: FN - International Pascal Programming

 DK> Has anybody out there got, or know of an internet site where I can
 DK> get algorithms or code for different sound routines such as:
 DK> I think you get the general idea.  Any help would be
 DK> appreciated.
There was the SBF package, which may still be around.
Here's the address that came with the archive, mind you this is a few 
months old now.

Machine:  (
Directory: pub/sbf 
  L8r Frank (fadam{at}
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