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From: andrew clarke
To: Rob Adams
Date: 1997-05-22 01:58:38
Subject: Tobruk 1.00 now available

18 May 97 18:53, Rob Adams (3:850/118) wrote to andrew clarke:

 ac>> Just a note that Paul Edwards' 1.00 (and most likely last) release

 > Andrew... could you please pass on to Paul, that I would be happy to 
 > allow him to point off of me if he desired... (if he can handle the STD 
 > call, I am in Darwin).

Paul's temporary excommunication has probably expired by about now, but it
is understood that he's no longer interested in being connected to FidoNet
as a node, point or BBS user.  He is reachable via Internet e-mail at
avon{at}, however.  He may also still be running his
mailer and BBS, so you might like to crashmail ex-3:711/934 on 02-9436-1785
if you don't have Internet access and you'd like to attempt to contact him.

-- randy{at}

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