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From: Frank Adam
To: Joshua Marshall
Date: 1997-02-10 06:34:00
Subject: Borland C bug ?!?

 G'Day Joshua,
-=> Quoting Joshua Marshall to All <=-
 JM> I have had a problem running the following code compiled by Borland C
 JM> 4.0 
 JM> while (fgets(s, 500, fp))
 JM> for some reason it sometimes doesn't detect EOF properly!!
 JM> Is this bug only in Borland??  K&R say that fgets should 
 JM> return NULL if EOF is reached.
No, i've had this happen to me too, and i blamed it on fgets() until 
i found a problem somewhere else in the code. For the life of me i can't
remember what it was, but make sure all relevant code(buffer,handle) are ok.

  L8r Frank (fadam{at}
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