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From: Frank Adam
To: Ian Binnie
Date: 1998-01-09 14:15:30
Subject: Archive Code

On Jan 04 10:22, 1998, Ian Binnie of 3:714/970 wrote:
G'day Ian,

IB> Does anyone have any code (or information) to recognise which archiver
IB> is used for compression (ZIP, ARC etc)?
Snippets' whicharc.cpp picks up most common ones including rar.
There is also a quite useful doc file floating around the net and some
BBSs,, but this is more of the general variety covering
sound,gra,arc and db files as well.
From memory carried one as well, that'll be getting old though
since Paul left the building. 

 Regards, Frank.   Email: fadam{at} 

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