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From: Frank Adam
To: Paul Edwards
Date: 1997-01-12 01:54:02
Subject: size

 G'Day Paul,
-=> Quoting Paul Edwards to Frank Adam <=-
 PE> C programmers should bear in mind that it's the SIZE that 
 PE> counts, not the NUMBER of times you use it.  If you 
 FA> When/if you sober up could you elaborate on this ?  ;-)
 PE> Shit, I do rely on a lot of mind reading in my messages, don't I? 
 PE> Andrew  figured it out, fread goes size first, and then the number 
 PE> of elements. I'd actually forgotten that golden rule when I 
Ah, that i normally remember, it's the file handle that i try to write into
the stream, is what i have trouble with sometimes.:-)

 PE> saw your quote, so can't be dead sure that that's what I 
 PE> was on about.  BFN.  Paul. 
Okay, i'll ask Andrew..;-)

  L8r Frank (fadam{at}
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