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From: Frank Adam
To: Peter Haywood
Date: 1997-05-02 06:41:36
Subject: Re: cprintf

On Apr 23 04:58, 1997, Peter Haywood of 3:633/159 wrote:
G'day Peter,

PH> {at}MSGID: 3:633/159.0 335dcf29
PH> {at}PID: BWRA 3.02 [Reg]
PH> {at}TID: FastEcho 1.45 10109
FA>> cprintf("%s\n\r",s);
FA>> This will print the entered text three times, why does it do that ?  

PH>   Three times? It only does it twice for me. The reason it prints a
PH> string twice is that the first time is when I type it in, and the
PH> second time is when the program itself displays the string.
PH>   Why it displays three times for you I don't know.
<shrug> I can still reproduce it, when running the same code 3-4
times, reinstalled bc2 and it still does it. Lucky i don't use cprintf

 Regards, Frank

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