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From: Roy McNeill
To: Frank Adam
Date: 1997-08-20 21:09:00
Subject: warnings

Hi Frank

 FA> Thanks, i always have that switched on. But your reply did make me go and
 FA> check again and i found an option, which i've never touched or looked at
 FA> before.
 FA> To force inline functions out of line.
 FA> That was it, i can trace it now. Shame about all those printfs i've wasted
 FA> fixing the bug .:-) Worse, i should've thought of it, one of the first
 FA> lines i put into a C++ program is #pragma warn -inl to turn off that stupid
 FA> warning.
 FA> Oh well, learn something every day.

I try to leave all warnings turned on, even the irritating ones -
they tell me when I'm being lazy.

One exception: a program that was pretty well mature had some
Unused Parameter type warnings that looked a bit too hard to get
rid of (they varied weirdly with some global #define's). In that
case, I put the warning turnoffs just before the function, and
turned the warnings back on again immediately after. The warnings
then stay active where needed, and the #pragma statements are nice
and visible near the offending event, serving as a reminder.


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