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From: Frank Adam
To: Herman Schonfeld
Date: 1997-08-08 07:13:42
Subject: Knock-knock

On Aug 05 15:50, 1997, Herman Schonfeld of 3:640/238 wrote:
G'day Herman,

FA>>some default and passed in values,and initializes the f/last links.
FA>>Functions additem and removeitem is then used to insert or delete a

HS> Sounds like a big project? What is it exactly anyway?
Text mode windowing library for Vidmgr. I want to implement proper event
handling as well, so expect some serious whinging from me in a few weeks on
the subject of chaining to INT09 in C++. 
FA>>whole function. Inline expansion ?
Dammit, i've hit the nail on the head here. Just another PITA, having to 
turn off inline expansion until the project is finished so i can properly
debug member functions, then turning it back on for final.

 Regards, Frank

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