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From: Michael Stapleton
To: Paul Edwards
Date: 1996-12-18 22:24:52
Subject: fnsplit

Hi Paul,

On Dec 09 19:32, 1996, Paul Edwards of 3:711/934.9 wrote:

MS>>> Rights reserved to the copyright holder include:

PE>> Blah blah blah bullshit chuck it in the bin.

MS>> Why? All he's doing is stopping you from selling his source code.

PE> I'm not interested in having any restrictions placed on my
PE> derived work.  I'll use someone else's code that doesn't tell me
PE> what to do, or I'll write my own.

Fair enough.  I take it you don't do LZW compression code...  :)

MS>> I'd love to post your original reply in the C_ECHO & see how
MS>> Bob defends himself.  :) Does this have anything to do with why
MS>> I never see you in the C_ECHO?  <G,D&R>

PE> Me and Bob have a personality clash.  We seem to be opposites.

So it seems. Maybe I will crosspost that original reply... :)

PE> Basically, he's a fuckwit and I'm not.

I see.  :) Have you taken into account the cultural facts?
Remember, he is from a culture that seems to value certain ego
qualities that are generally distasteful to Australians, i.e he *is*
an American.  :)

Michael Stapleton of Graphic Bits

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