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From: Michael Stapleton
To: Frank Adam
Date: 1996-12-18 22:13:22
Subject: fnsplit

Hi Frank,

On Dec 11 03:50, 1996, Frank Adam of 3:632/309 wrote:

FA> -=> Quoting Michael Stapleton to Paul Edwards <=-

MS>> Bob has put a lot of work into building the MFL library (which
MS>> he started years before Snippets) and it has been an integral
MS>> part of much of his commercial work.  The new MFL licence is
MS>> about as close as you can get to PD but still retaining Bob's
MS>> right to publish it himself commercially.  See LICENSE.MFL
MS>> below for details.

FA> Must admit i didn't read through the license.mfl, having
FA> d/loaded it i've noticed that it had fnsplit.c in there, and
FA> wanted to see how they've done it, when i saw the copyright
FA> notice things turned red.

I understand - I was a little surprised when I first saw it, too.

FA>>> If i don't want people to use my code freely, why would i post
FA>>> it into a snips collection ?  To be a show off ?

MS>> I think you're being a little unfair there, Frank.

FA> Ok, perhaps.  The remark wasn't adressed to Bob per se (which is
FA> why i refrained from mentioning him), it was towards ANY code
FA> released into a snippets collection carrying a copyright or
FA> anything more than a request for acknowledgement.

I tend to agree, OTOH, I guess that Bob thought it was better to
make the full code available, rather than the crippled versions
which were previously in Snippets.  I guess Paul would've preferred
that Bob leave the MFL code out altogether.

FA> On reading the license.mfl, the one in snippets isn't bad i
FA> suppose.

No, the intention is to prevent people making money by selling his
source code without permission - you can sell the executables for as
much as you like.

FA> Since i know how to put a car together too, i can't wait till
FA> Bob will start selling cars though...;-)

:) I guess he'd let you resell the car, but not its blueprints.

FA> Btw, i think people(me too) put a fair bit of effort into PD
FA> code as well.

Me, too! I occasionally release stuff as shareware, but I've only
received 5 or 6 responses in as many years. Cheapskate Amigans. :(

Michael Stapleton of Graphic Bits

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