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From: Peter Haywood
To: Paul Edwards
Date: 1997-03-25 02:07:34
Subject: Re: Borland C bug ?!?

Groovy hepcat Paul Edwards jived with Peter Haywood on 27 Feb 97  02:04:26!
Re: Borland C bug ?!?'s a cool scene. Dig it!

 PH> Try this instead; it may not work, but it might:
 PH> while (fgets(s,500,fp) != EOF)

 PE> If that compiles, which it probably will, it will give you an infinite
 PE> loop.  BFN.  Paul. 

  Yes, of course. Right you are. My mistake. It should be:

while (fgets(s,500,fp) != NULL)

That better?


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