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From: Michael Stapleton
To: Frank Adam
Date: 1996-12-18 21:58:48
Subject: Re: Auto string-length d

Hi Frank,

On Dec 02 16:49, 1996, Frank Adam of 3:632/309 wrote:

MS>> Fine, I don't give a stuff about C++.

FA> Hm, knowing other languages is not entirely a bad thing IMO.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with knowing other languages.  Sorry,
Frank, I didn't mean to be that aggressive - I think I must've been
reading too many of Bob Lawrence's messages.  :)

Anyway, I have learned more than a dozen different programming
languages over the years & I often use 3 or 4 in a day.  I just
don't appreciate what C++ is doing to C.

FA>>> see a lot of mov ah 30h
FA>>>              int 21h
FA>>>              cmp ??..

FA>> I didn't say it'll compile, i don't know much assembly apart
FA>> from sort of able to read some of it.

Fair enough.  OTOH, I often find it easier to write assembler than
to read other people's assembler code unless it is well commented.

MS>> Fine, but why did you show me some foreign assembler code?

FA> Foreign ?

Yes, foreign!  It is Intel assembler, not Motorola assembler, hence
it is foreign to me.  This *is* a C echo, isn't it?  :) FWIW, I
haven't done any IBM assembler coding since the mid 70s, on an
ancient IBM 360/20 mainframe in a museum.

FA> Anyway, this is what my disassembler (IDA V1.05) actually comes
FA> up with...

FA> mov     ah, 30h ; '0' ; ** VOID **
FA> int 21h         ; DOS - GET DOS VERSION
FA>                 ; Return: AL = major version number (00h for DOS 1.x)

FA> Dammit you're right, it's a Belgian disassembler. :)


FA>>> It still bugs me, there HAS TO BE a table within DOS somewhere !

MS>>> Good luck finding it.  And thanks for giving me yet another
MS>>> reason why I shouldn't learn about your DOS.  :)

FA>> Oi !  It's more challenging working with it.  :-)

MS>> More challenge than what?

FA> Since we were talking about the differences in allocation
FA> schemes between AmigaDos and DOS, i have to ask..  Is this a
FA> trick question ?

I see.  You could have been saying that it is even more challenging
working with MS-DOS than learning MS-DOS.

Michael Stapleton of Graphic Bits

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