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From: Roy Witt
To: Joe Delahaye
Date: 2014-09-04 14:05:16
Subject: Rudi is gone

Greetings Joe!

 RW>> The only way to continue the echo is to have the source file of the
 RW>> AFTERSHOCK App. If that isn't available, everyone who subed to the
 RW>> app is out that same dollar and a way to communicate via an Android
 RW>> phone, tablet or phone is virtually gone.

 JD> The echo can continue with or without the source.  Witness Irex, and
 JD> several other no longer supported programs.

True and realize that Irex and those several others have nothing to offer
in the way of fixing that which is broken. Just advice on how to live with
it, if you want to use abandon-ware.

 JD> Besides, the app will continue to work the way it is, even with its
 JD> faults.

It has stopped working on Lisa's (387/24) Android tablet and she is
understandably reluctant to invest more money in a broken product.

 JD> Mine is BB version which is what Rudi was developing.  Anatoly is
 JD> (was) doing the android version

I've seen a Motorola cell phone with Android installed, so I suspect it
won't be the last. I may pick up that Motorola just for that.

    Have a day!

         R\%/itt - K5RXT

... Don't be calm and carry on, put on your boots and kick ass!

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