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From: Roy Witt
To: Robert Wolfe
Date: 2014-09-04 14:02:10
Subject: Rudi is gone

Greetings Robert!

 RW> -> Man! I wish you'd get that Wildcat!'s inability to quote properly
 RW> fixed.

 RW> Right now, that's not the first thing of my list of priorities.
 RW> Getting a paying job is :)

There are a lot of people in line ahead of you looking for that.

 RW> But yeah, something tells me I don't think the Aftershock source is
 RW> going to be made available anytime soon.

I'm thinking that some innovative person might be willing to reverse
engineer the pgm and get it fixed before releasing it. It would be a
refreshing idea to have such an animal ready for Fidonet's future.

    Have a day!

         R\%/itt - K5RXT

... Don't be calm and carry on, put on your boots and kick ass!

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