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From: Nicholas Boel
To: Benny Pedersen
Date: 2014-11-21 21:39:10
Subject: Re: dead ping

Hello Benny,

On 22 Nov 14 01:56, Benny Pedersen wrote to Nicholas Boel:

 NB>> You know, some people remove echos that are dead. When you do
 NB>> this dumb shit with absolutely no content at all, and people have
 NB>> echos auto-created on their systems, it gets added because you
 NB>> posted an empty message.

 BP> sorry to wake you :=)

If the echo is dead, don't post empty content to it unless you have
something worthwhile to say. That makes the auto-create feature in some
tossers worthless.

 NB>> Go make some ebuilds! :(

 BP> if gentoo was android more bastards would see the lights :=)

Sorry to say, but after using Gentoo for the past decade I'm working on
moving away from it. It's only for people that have entirely too much time
at their disposal.

You could always try your hand at PKGBUILDs.. :)


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