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From: Rudi Timmermans
To: Bart Verhaeghe
Date: 2014-05-28 22:29:00
Subject: Re: error filesysyem.

Hi Bart,

 BV> my system send's a file true the filemgr with netmail.
 BV> but aftershock don't know the directory where he have to store the file
 BV> so he skip's the file.

What you mean by a filemgr AfterShock use an netmail dir into his data
directory so it's never possible to send a file via a filemgr ?

AfterShock dont make any log file. It can be that the Wifi you have is not
stable that you need to poll twice, becoss i have tested AfterShock for more
then 2 weeks and there is no bug about sending or getting echomail...

You need to make screenshots and email them to me on that way i can forward
them to Anatoly that's the only option you have for now.

Check first your setup that the store is correct you need to set it to
extrenal store if this is set to internal netmail will not send if you dont
have move the message base files, this is dont automatic when you change the
data store internal or external.

Or it can be that's has a problem witj jNode that can be also the problem i
had also before Anatoly fix that a problem with Mystic BBS and there was a
bug into Mystic then but that's fixed.

What you can do as a test is try to poll Ward his system directly just for a
test or Steven his system then you know where the problem will be, i never
have tested AfterShock with jNode.

Best regards!
Rudi Timmermans.

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