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From: Roy Witt
To: Rudi Timmermans
Date: 2014-09-03 10:29:54
Subject: Echo

Greetings Rudi!

 RT> Hi All,

 RT> I like to know to you all i'm going to quit on development for
 RT> AfterShock on BlackBerry....

Great! Lisa just found a Motorola phone with Android 4.++ installed on it.

I'll have to tell her not to buy it.

 RT> There will be no new version anymore comming out. Or if needed any
 RT> bug fixed.

Will you be releasing the source for Aftershock?

 RT> I have start a new company here with a frend also found a new
 RT> hobby....

 RT> I ask Janis to take over the aftershock echo from me or if anyone
 RT> else like to have it please let me know.

Send her the source so we can find a new developer, else this APP is dead
on arrival.

    Have a day!

         R\%/itt - K5RXT

... Don't be calm and carry on, put on your boots and kick ass!

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--- D'Bridge 3.99
 * Origin: South-Texas Area Hub - Gulf Coast Backbone (1:387/22)
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@PATH: 387/22 123/500 633/280 267

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