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From: Rudi Timmermans
To: Bart Verhaeghe
Date: 2014-05-29 14:27:00
Subject: Re: error filesysyem.

Hi Bart,

 BV> It's the tosser that sometimes tell the directory don't exists. 
 BV> the storage is on external.

Strange you are the first that report this, anyway i send the email out here
of Anatoly send this to him i can not solve this.
 BV> how can I take a screenshot in android?

Google is your frend ;)

 BV> and why he don't log the poll's?
 BV> it's easy to do that with binkd. 

Dont know dont ask me ask Anatoly. Hi told me one's that hi have to code
this... that's all i can say...

That's one of the resion i moved back to Iphone the development go that slow
of AfterShock.. like i also told here i found a coder a frend of me Vladimir
and hi will make a AfterShock for IOS. And i have daily contact with him hi
has more time for development.

Best regards!
Rudi Timmermans.

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