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From: Joe Delahaye
To: Roy Witt
Date: 2014-09-05 10:49:30
Subject: Rudi is gone

  Re: Rudi is gone
  By: Roy Witt to Joe Delahaye on Thu Sep 04 2014 14:05:17

 RW> True and realize that Irex and those several others have nothing to offer
 RW> in the way of fixing that which is broken. Just advice on how to live with
 RW> it, if you want to use abandon-ware.

True enough.

 JD>> Besides, the app will continue to work the way it is, even with its
 JD>> faults.

 RW> It has stopped working on Lisa's (387/24) Android tablet and she is
 RW> understandably reluctant to invest more money in a broken product.

Due perhaps to an OS update?

 JD>> Mine is BB version which is what Rudi was developing.  Anatoly is
 JD>> (was) doing the android version

 RW> I've seen a Motorola cell phone with Android installed, so I suspect it
 RW> won't be the last. I may pick up that Motorola just for that.

Motorola was bought out by whom?  Cant remember.  Google purchased a company
and MS purchased one.  I believe it was Nokia that was also sold?
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