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From: Rudi Timmermans
To: Robert Wolfe
Date: 2014-08-27 19:17:12
Subject: special characters in echo tags

Hi Robert,

 RW> I moderate an echo that has the ! and _ characters in the echo tag.
 RW> However,  when I go to add that echo to Aftershock,  I get an error
 RW> mentioning something about special characters. is there any possibility
 RW> that this could be fixed in an upcoming release? 

This is normoly on the version you use Robert!

There is a new version but it's not on the google marked and only released to me.

Best regards!
Rudi Timmermans.

--- WinPoint Beta 5 (359.1)
 * Origin: AfterShock BlackBerry WHQ (2:562/140)
SEEN-BY: 123/500 633/0 267 280 281 402 408
@PATH: 261/38 123/500 633/280 267

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