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From: Roy Witt
To: Ward Dossche
Date: 2014-06-17 11:50:04
Subject: IO Problems

Greetings Ward!

 RW>RT>> On that way Anatoly can not fix anything on AfterShock.

 RW>> So, can Lisa get her registration fees back?

 WD> I also use D'Bridge, with Binkd "on" all the time,

This speaks volumes about the abilities of D'B...

 WD>  and have no problem polling aftershock.

I probably wouldn't have a problem polling her either, if she had a IP of
her own. She doesn't have one, so she has to use wifi links to poll here.

    Have a day!

         R\%/itt - K5RXT

--- GoldED+/W32 1.1.5-31012
--- D'Bridge 3.99
 * Origin: South-Texas Area Hub - Gulf Coast Backbone (1:387/22)
SEEN-BY: 123/500 633/0 267 280 281 402 408
@PATH: 387/22 123/500 633/280 267

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