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From: Rudi Timmermans
To: Roy Witt
Date: 2014-06-08 22:15:00
Subject: Re: IO Problems

Hi Roy,

 RW> Lisa (1:387/24) isn't using a BBS and I'm not sending her echomail via
 RW> Mystic. Not only that but, what worked before isn't working now. She's
 RW> polling my system, which is running D'Bridge...

No i dont say you need a BBS for what we know there are some problems with
Mailer software and sending out to AfterShock this problem will be on all
Andriod devices, no one can fix that that's the hardware of the phone.

I have been testing AfterShock for more then a year and i do not have test it
with DB, but i have been tested with Mystic, BBBS and Binkd v1.1-49a for as
i know that works. As i also know it works on Ward his system using DB.

So there is something else wrong not with AfterShock but with here device
this can alway be a hardware problem, i have on my system 6 points using
AfterShock and no one has that problem, only Bart has a problem with jNode
but that's a problem into jNode.

This is all i can do.

 RW> So, can Lisa get her registration fees back?

When you like to ask the money back send a email to Anatoly himself hi dont
read this echo.

This is his email adress: apps{at}

I can also tell you i have personal tested AfterShock on : Nexus 4, 5
Samsung S3, S4, S5, Blackberry Z10, Z30, Q20 devices.

I have also a few users using Sony devices.

Sorry i can not help from here i love to realy but i need to see what happens
before i can say more...

Best regards!
Rudi Timmermans.

--- Mystic BBS v1.10 A44 (Windows)
 * Origin: X-TReMe BBS - Leuven, Belgium (2:562/140)
SEEN-BY: 123/500 633/0 267 280 281 402 408
@PATH: 562/140 292/907 261/38 123/500 633/280 267

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