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From: Ken Sands
To: All
Date: 2003-10-30 10:57:58
Subject: [drakelist] Crystal filters for TR-3/TR-4 reoair

Subject: [drakelist] Crystal filters for TR-3/TR-4 reoair
From: Ken Sands <ken.sands{at}>

Hello again my fellow Drake mavens,

With help from Phil KG4LRU's donation of RG-62 cable and removal of a bad
loading cap(.01)in series with the 100 ohm loading resistor on the
pre-mix input, the T4X now lives normally on all bands with a brand new
dial calibrations wheel that really makes it look great!!(the old one was
"sunned smokey") Thanks to all for your kind help in my restoration
effort...(keeps me out of the bars!).....Now I am in need of a pair of
USB/LSB sideband filters for my newly acquired "project" TR-3. They are
manufactured by Tyco/C-F Networks and are medium blue, rectangular 2.5
inch by 1 1 inch,....these were sold by Drake as retro-fit kits
for the TR-3....Both filters USB/LSB were installed in place of the
silver "can" filters and have 8 poles versus the 4 poles of the original
and have much better "stop band" skirts than the originals....Come on
boys...check out those Drake "junque" boxes. HELP!.OK??    73,


Ken Sands
Audio/Video Engineer
734-564-0316 cell

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